Draco Yapı Malzemeleri

Operating in the Construction Sector since 1982, Draco aims to offer the best service to its customers by combining ever evolving recent technologies with its production and application experience.

The main objectives of the company ;

  • Production at international standards.
  • To improve products in line with new technologies by continuous R&D and increase the range of products
  • To be solution partner and technical advisor of our customers during the specifying and construction phase of the project.
  • To provide the needs of our customers on time with favorable market conditions.
  • To perpetuate the superiority and quality of our products and service.
Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Adopting highest standards of corporate behavior for each individual and society we work together and all environment we have an impact on, we aim to reach success together and carry our corporate identity created with our employees, customers and suppliers to the levels of perfection. Perfection is not a choice but a must for our business and it is our main objective to reach this goal since the first day the company was founded.

We undertake to carry out the following principles in the construction chemicals sector that we serve;
  • To reach the highest quality level providing material, the labor and necessary service quality for each finished,
    semi-finished product or raw material.
  • To be aware of the necessity for investment in high technology, machinery and equipment to reach quality objectives.
  • To be customer oriented , to aim for raising customer satisfaction steadily, and offer effective service using advanced technology.
  • To analyze customer needs, expectations and demands properly and give proper service at once.
  • To develop and renew quality management system constantly by paying attention to the training of employees and ensuring their participation in all levels.
  • To implement a cooperative team work and fulfill the requirements of quality in inner communication.
  • To make individual development suitable for modern requirements by emphasizing in-house quality procedures.
  • To maintain activities to ensure the constant enhancement of Quality Management System’s effectiveness.
Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

In order to provide the sustainable development for the effective and successful works we will carry out in our company and to protect the environment, we are determined all together with the managers, employees and suppliers to do our full share of work for all the processes of the products we produce. We are aware of the fact that only in this way can we contribute to the practices and efforts of leaving a healthy and habitable nature for the future generations

With this in mind, we undertake to carry out the following principles;
  • To comply with the legal regulations in force and other obligations regarding the environment.
  • To ensure the enforcement, supervision, continuous improvement and sustainability of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  • To prevent the pollution of air, water and earth with an understanding of continuous improvement.
  • To prevent environmental pollution, to reduce waste at source, to recycle as much as possible, to dispose of non-recyclable wastes without damaging the environment.
  • To use the natural resources in most efficient way during production and implement resource saving and recycling issues.
  • To organize activities in order to raise awareness of all employees and give individual responsibility with respect to the environment.
  • To allocate necessary resources for the continuous development of Environmental Management System, to carry out periodical examinations in order to reach the environmental aims and goals.
Occupational Health and Job Safety Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The company considers human resources to be the most valuable means in all of its activities. While carrying out our activities, we aim to provide improving the standards, developing health and safety measures, eliminating or minimizing the risks to our employees, subcontractors, visitors, customers and others involved.

With this in mind, we undertake to carry out the following principles;
  • To ensure the enforcement, supervision, continuous improvement and sustainability of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • To comply with all legal regulations and other related obligations considering all processes carried out.
  • To ensure constant improvement in connection with Occupational Health and Safety with a systematic approach.
  • To improve systems to minimize any accidents that are likely to happen during work or problems that are encountered in emergency situations.
  • In order for the employees to maintain their jobs in a safe and efficient manner, organize consciousness raising activities about Occupational Health and Safety and reach success and continuous development.
  • To allocate necessary resources for the continuous development of Occupational Health and Safety System, to have an efficient control mechanism to ensure the effectiveness of the system and examining the results periodically.
  • To evaluate all risks and take precautionary measures determining the dangers that can lead to occupational accidents, occupational diseases and health disorders in our activities.